The environmentally friendly sandless sandbag.

Environmentally Friendly Sandless Sandbags

We provide sandless sandbags for use by home owners, businesses, government agencies and emergency service agencies!

Simple: Add water to expand bags from 14.5 ounces to a full 35 pounds.

Quick: Ready to use in 3 to 5 minutes.

Convenient: Inflate at point of use either by submersion or with a hose.

Portable: 24 plastic-wrapped jute bags per 23 lb. box for easy transport and storage.

Biodegradable: This high technology water absorbing resin and jute bag dissolves naturally.


Sandless Sandbag

Sandless sandbags are a relatively new type of sandbag which is changing the world of flood protection for home owners, business owners, government agencies and emergency service agencies. Rather than traditional sandbags which need to be filled with sand, sandless sandbags inflate to full size when they come in contact with water. Sandless sandbags are light, easy to deploy and the polymer which inflates inside the sandbag is safe and 100% biodegradable.

Sandbag Comparison

Deploying flood protection using traditional sandbags usually includes a laborious number of steps. First, burlap or polymer bags must be purchased and driven to a site that has sand. Shoveling the sand into each sandbag comes next, which is very tough work and can lead to back pain. Next, the 30 to 40lb. burlap sandbags must then be lifted into a truck and driven to the site which requires flood protection. Ecosandbags, on the other hand, are simply taken out of the box put in water and will fill automatically.

Ecosandbag Advantages

Ecosandbags are easily deployable by anyone without needing to manually shovel sand into traditional burlap sandbags. A box of 24 sandbags only weighs 22 pounds as opposed to hundreds of pounds with traditional, filled sandbags. Ecosandbags are biodegradable and safe for the environment. As opposed to the time consuming process to filling and deploying traditional sandbags, Ecosandbags are ready to use in 3-5 minutes.

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Box of 24 Eco Sandbags

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A box of 24 Eco Sandbags.
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